Brand Positioning

In marketing, patient positioning has come to mean the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their target market for its product, tadalafil brand, or organization.

involves changing the identity of a product, relative to the identity
of competing products, in the collective minds of the target market.

involves attempting to change the identity of competing products,
relative to the identity of your own product, in the collective minds of
the target market.

original work on Positioning was consumer marketing oriented, and was
not as much focused on the question relative to competitive products as
much as it was focused on cutting through the ambient “noise” and
establishing a moment of real contact with the intended recipient. In
the classic example of Avis
claiming “No.2, We Try Harder”, the point was to say something so
shocking (it was by the standards of the day) that it cleared space in
your brain and made you forget all about who was #1, and not to make
some philosophical point about being “hungry” for business.

The growth
of high-tech marketing may have had much to do with the shift in
definition towards competitive positioning. An important component of
hi-tech marketing in the age of the world wide web is positioning in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, which can be accomplished through Search Engine Optimization
, also known as SEO. This is an especially important component when
attempting to improve competitive positioning among a younger
demographic, which tends to be web oriented in their shopping and
purchasing habits as a result of being highly connected and involved in
social media in general.
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